Brain Cancer

A Lie of the Mind

In 2010, Samantha had a series of seizures which led to the discovery of a cancerous brain tumour. She started writing A Lie of the Mind in February 2011 shortly before surgery was scheduled to remove a brain tumour from the right frontal lobe of her brain.

Alyson Woloshyn

In May 2009, Alyson was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma (GBM), a malignant incurable form of brain cancer. Despite an average survival rate of only 1 year, she approaches her journey as a cancer survivor with strength and optimism that she can take control of cancer and take action to beat the odds. She worked at the University of Calgary as the Director of Integrated Client Services.

Audra Coldiron

Audra was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer on December 2006. The more she talks to other brain tumor patients the more she learns especially when it comes to diet. She is hopeful that the cancer will go into remission and the tumor will never return.

Barr’s Battle Brain Cancer

In November 2012, blogger C.W. Barr’s wife Melissa was diagnosed with a brain tumor… grade three brain cancer. He started blogging the day they found out .. talking about life, cancer, family, whatever is on his mind.

Ben's Brain Tumour Blog

Ben is 23 years old student from Cornwall, England who studies in Cardiff, Wales. This blog is his journal about his glioma treatments and logging all his thoughts and updates for anyone who wants to follow along the ride.

Chantal has had a brain tumour since March 2000. In this blog, she would like to share her experience and her happiness to be alive. (in French only)

Blonde Seeking Ambition - The True Tales of a Brain-Damaged Blonde

Catlin is a brain tumor survivor. She said, "This blog is all over the place, with a little something for everyone".

Barr’s Battle Brain Cancer!

In November 2012, C.W. Barr’s wife Mellissa was diagnosed with a grade three brain tumor. He started blogging the day they found out…talking about life, cancer, family, and whatever is on his mind.


Jill’s boyfriend had the seizure that has led to his diagnosis with a brain tumour in May 2012. Jill has started this blog for her own therapy and sanity, it might be helpful to write stuff down.

The BrainChancery

Chad went to Hong Kong to see his very good friend. When he got to Hong Kong, the headache wasn’t going away, and it actually started to get a little worse. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma in April 2012 in Hong Kong at age of 36. Chad is very positive and is always looking for lighter side.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada: Courage and Hope

Every day 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s blog, Courage and Hope, is a place for brain tumour survivors, caregivers, family and supporters to share the brain tumour journey.


In June 2015, Beth’s life was transformed by a diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiform, a malignant brain tumor. Since then, she has tackled this beast with great medical care incredible support from friends and family, and far more than her fair share of desserts.

Brain Tumor Mama

Ayisha was diagnosed with a brain cancer on June 2009 that was two weeks after delivery of their son. She decided to start this blog to give herself something to do, share our activities with friends and family, and to educate others about their experience with having a brain tumor, treatment insurance, etc. 

Bondy 4 Brains

9 months after a 12-hours operation to have a brain tumour the size of a tennis ball removed, Bondy completed the Monaco Half Ironman Triathlon. Bondy completed the Amsterdam Marathon in each of the following 2 years and in 2011 completed the Almere Full Ironman Triathlon. Now he is looking for more challenges....

Brutal Honesty

Deirdre Kohler is originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She is happily married to the love of her life and they have three children. 

During the brain tumour treatments, Deirdre started this blog. Here she detailed what she was going through from surgery to chemo and radiation. She has now converted this to a book.

Daughter of Cancer

Her name is Talia Klein who wanted to write this blog for a long time but couldn't get it started. She work in hi tech, has great friends, loves reading, love learning new things, and dance ballet for fun, except her mom died of glioblastoma, a terminal form of brain cancer. She started this blog to get things off her chest.

Emily in the City

Emily is a 25 years  New York City girl. Travel, Yoga enthusiast, Philanthropist. In April 2011, a week before her 24th birthday, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. After three brain operations, five spinal taps and almost a month straight in hospital, she was sent home for good.  Since February 2013, she has been fighting a new battle – a tumor on her optic nerve. The tumor has already claimed sight in her right eye and now she is losing vision in her left.


Karyn is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. She has brain cancer and is trying every day to find the balance between fighting and living. In October 2012, she had a seizure at a pumpkin patch with her family and a friend.

The gilbert .com blogger, Lisa Tomlin said, “I’m a girl-nerd, brain cancer chick, and healing junkie.”  She was diagnosed with a large brain tumor in April 2009, and have been chronicling her healing journey on this website ever since. She is determined to heal herself through her writing, meditation, nutrition, and positivity and by sharing her journey with others.

Going to my head...

Lesly Finn lives in New Zealand who is diagnosed with Brain Cancer in March 2009. She writes this blog about living with two meningioma.


In July 2012, Alix was a healthy, mid-thirty, active and busy executive and stepmom. In August 2012, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is living in the Canadian prairies, in Saskatoon.

Henrietta Fish – Recovering from brain surgery. And some other stuff too.

In October 2012, Jennie was diagnosed with a brain tumour following some pretty horrendous migraines and the loss of control in her right arm and leg. The blog started as an ongoing collection of thoughts that occurred to her during the process of preparing for, and recovering from surgery.

John’s Tumor

This blog is all about how John used humor to remain while dealing with insanity of a brain tumor that is size of his wife’s fist. His purpose of blog to help other folks cope with serious health issues/brain tumors/ cancer and give anybody wading through the muck of rehabilitation. 

Life of the (Devouring) Mind – A Blog About Living With Brain Cancer

They began noticing that something was up around the time they returned to Washington for training after their posting to Yekaterinburg, Russia in March 2010. Chris had a series of symptoms – first weakness in his legs, then prisms appeared in his peripheral vision, next came extreme light sensitivity, then double vision which eventually gave way to a splitting headache. Chris was diagnosed with a grade ll diffuse astrocytoma.

The Liz Army

In July 2008, Liz was diagnosed with a grade ll astrocytoma brain cancer when she was 29 years old. She is the California Lead Advocate for the National Brain Tumor Society as volunteer.

My Brain Cancer Diary -  Living with gliosarcoma

Bogart was diagnosed with gliosrcoma at age of 36 in May 2011. He woke with a terrible headache, climbed out of bed, crouched before the toilet, and vomited in May 2011. A CT scan revealed a golf ball-sized tumor in his brain. It was removed the next day, Friday, and he went home Saturday.

My Husband’s Tumor – It’s not a cancer story, it’s a love story. With some cancer.

Aaron and Nora met in 2006 but she doesn’t remember this.

Aaron and Nora met again and fall in love this time in 2010.

Aaron had seizure at work 2011, had Stage lV brain cancer and they got married.

Their baby boy was born in January 2013.

Aaron passed away in November 2014.

Plated Life

Catherine started experiencing bilateral tingling and numbness anywhere from her ankles to her cheeks at least four or five days a week. Doctors thought her symptoms were anxiety due to 7th grade. She is a college student, brain tumor survivor and an inspirational voice for the young brain cancer community.

Pray for Natasha

Natasha is a bright and brilliant 11-year old girl who live in Alberta, Canada with a gift for connecting with people. Since her diagnosis with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG) – a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor. – she has been bravely and adeptly blogging about her experience.

RACHEL’S CANCER JOURNEY – What I go through daily in my life as a teenage cancer patient!

In August 2012, Rachel was diagnosed with brain-stem cancer at age of 17. This is very rare type of cancer; only 200 children are diagnosed with it each year in the US. There have been a few patients older than Rachel but it is very few.

3 kids, a Mini Van and a Mortgage

Kate's daughter, Lucy was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer on February 23, 2011. Five years old Lucy had a total of 3 tumors in her brain, one in her spinal column and a sugar-dusting of tiny tumors up and down her spine. They are so thankful for how far Lucy has come and they know that each day bring them one step closer to the 5 year remission mark.

They Call Me Galvez

Eric Galvez found out that he had a brain tumour in 2005. He is a physical therapist who became a patient and in his words, became someone he was always trying to help! He has published two books and started an organization and a business.

Toom-ah? What Stinkin' Toom-ah!

In April 2010 at age 29, Jessica Oldwyn was diagnosed with a tennis ball sized brain tumor. Within several days she underwent a partially awake craniotomy, with a second emergency brain surgery to follow. Unfortunately, after the resection a new tumor began to grow. In October 2012, she had another tumor resection. Starting Jan 2013, she began a five year newcastle virus and dendritic cell therapy. This is her life, fighting a brain tumor.


4 year old Zofeya is diagnosed with medulloblastoma in July 2013. Around 6 months ago they noticed that Zofeya started falling over more than she used to. They thought she was a little dreamy and not paying attention. Around 3-4 weeks ago the problem with balance and co-ordination became a lot more visible.