cure: blood cancer

cure: blood cancer is a non-profit organization raising awareness on blood cancer and supporting research at North America’s leading institutions.

cure: blood cancer was born from the desire to give hope where there is fear and anguish. We cannot guarantee a cure; however, we are passionately committed to ensuring that 100% of all public donations go to fund blood-cancer research projects.

Whose life hasn’t been touched by cancer? Most of us know someone with cancer. We have seen the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. We have witnessed the grief of families deprived of loved ones. When we think of these people many feelings come to mind. Fear. Anguish. Hope. Healing. Cure.In 2013, more than 100,000 Canadians will live with, or be in remission from, a blood cancer. Another 18,150 Canadians will be diagnosed. And, 6,900 Canadians will die from a blood cancer. One person will be diagnosed every 29 minutes. One person will die every 26 minutes.None of us chooses cancer. Put yourself in the shoes of someone with blood cancer. Walk with them. They are your family, your neighbours, your friends, your colleagues. Imagine their visible and invisible challenges, like hair loss and mental-health struggles.Together we can make a difference.

We can support blood-cancer research and give hope to those affected. One such person is Lesia Maruschak, cure: blood cancer’s inspiration. Read Leisa’s Story. Take her hand and join our community where we define ourselves by those we help through our humanity. Wear your humanity TODAY!

Cure: blood cancer
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