BrightBod connects people with Brain Cancer with each other and helps them Video Conference with each other immediately. IT’S FREE!

BrightBod is composed of 11 major features:

1) Visualization: BrightBod Users receive a 3D-like Avatar, which lights up with different colors depending on the health condition they have, which they can control, which they can animate and select poses. Further, they can upload their favorite song & select a 3D background, etc. They can express themselves in a new, unique way.

2) EMR Network: BrightBod provides this free-of-charge to individuals, health clinics and underfunded medical centers throughout the country.

3) 10-Minute Video Conference: BrightBod helps Users (who, in general, do not have health insurance) speak with a doctor face-to-face.

4) Community/Social Network

5) Marketplace (services and medical devices): BrightBod healthcare-centric Marketplace focuses on healthcare equipment and medical devices. Each person’s profile will already contain whether they are willing to a) donate or b) buy or c) sell or d) lend e) borrow and f) rent prosthetics, wheelchairs, miscellaneous medical devices, services or tasks, etc.

6) Doctor Network: BrightBod Users can easily make contact with a Healthcare professional.

7) Nurse/Caregiver Network

8) Disability Employment HQ: Disabled persons can upload their resumes and enable potential employers to invite them to a video meeting.

9) Tissue/Organ Donor Network: Repository for users who wish to donate tissue (i.e., plasma, platelets, hair, sperm, eggs, etc.) or are seeking tissue donors.

10) Support Groups: BrightBod provides free (video conference) Support Groups for Survivors of almost every medical and health condition.

11) Video Conference Events and Webinars: BrightBod provides free Webinars for Survivors of almost every medical and health condition. Check our Event Schedule to participate in one right away!

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