International Head and Neck Cancer Organizations

Cancer of the Larynx

156,877 people were diagnosed with cancer of the larynx worldwide in 2012, and 83,376 people died of it (Globocan, 2012).

Laryngeal cancer starts in the cells that line the larynx (which is sometimes called the voice box). Laryngeal cancer can start anywhere in the larynx, but it most often begins in the middle part of the larynx where the vocal cords are found. Cancers that start below the vocal cords are less common (Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia).

For additional information about laryngeal cancer, please go to the Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia.

American Head and Neck Society (AHNS) (USA)

The American Head and Neck Society is the single largest organization in North America for the advancement of research and education in head and neck oncology. Information is provided for both professionals and patients on clinical guidelines and patient education.

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Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Tel: 310-437-0559
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International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL) (USA)

The mission of the IAL is to support individuals who have lost their voices due to the removal of their larynx by supporting lost chords clubs, assisting and coordinating educational/support conferences, and continuing the legacy of one laryngectomee helping another out of voicelessness.

925 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 316
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Toll-free: 866-425-3678

WebWhispers (USA)

WebWhispers was started in 1996 for those who had questions about larynx cancer treatments, surgery, recovery, and what life is like after laryngectomy surgery. They offer advice from those who have been there and education at the time it is needed, as well as an online discussion forum.

WebWhispers, Inc.
P O Box 1275
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Throat Cancer Foundation

Founded in 2012 and guided by a team of leading cancer experts and consultants, TCF is dedicated to reducing the impact of throat cancers on society and on individuals. It offers support, and wants to ensure that anyone affected – patients, carers and survivors – has access to the most up-to-date information available regarding their illness, the available treatments, and what to expect in recovery.

Twitter: @TCF_Foundation
Facebook: Throat Cancer Foundation