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Petition to Fund Ibrance for Metastatic Breast Cancer – Chasing Hope MBC

August 10, 2018

Chasing Hope MBC is working to overcome obstacles for funding Ibrance for Metastatic Breast Cancer. You can help today by signing their petition! Ibrance (Palbociclib) is a treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer made by the Pfizer drug company. It’s the first drug of its kind and the first drug in 10 years that has been introduced to fight MBC. This targeted treatment is designed for ER+

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STUDY: St. Michael’s Hospital Seeking Young Men Diagnosed With Cancer

August 9, 2018

This project focuses on fertility decision-making among young male cancer patients. St. Michael’s is looking to recruit young men who have been diagnosed with cancer to participate in a 30-40 minute telephone interview.  The study aims to improve our understanding of decision-making by men at risk of infertility related to cancer treatment. The results will be used to help inform the content in a fertility decision

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CCSN Releases Brief to National Pharmacare Council

July 24, 2018

Access to prescription medicines and therapies affects all Canadians due to the barriers of cost and availability in the healthcare system. Too often, we find patients choosing whether to pay for their prescription medicines or basic necessities such as food. In some cases, patients die or their quality of life significantly deteriorates waiting for their drugs to be approved by multiple drug approval agencies. “Canada

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Upcoming Events

  • Aug29
    CORD Webinar Pharmacare Debate Series: How PMPRB Regulates New Drug Prices: Will Changes Help or Hurt Access?

    How PMPRB Regulates New Drug Prices: Will Changes Help or Hurt Access? FORMAT: Panel Debate with Discussion Point: Proposed amendments to Patented Medicines Regulations to allow for key changes to determining the Maximum List Price of prescription medicines will result in lower Canadian prices with no loss in Canadian access new medicines. Counterpoint: Canadians’ ability to access to new medicines will be severely impacted by

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  • Sep12
    CORD Webinar Pharmacare Debate Series: Drugs for Rare Diseases: National Pharmacare or Separate Program?

    Drugs for Rare Diseases: National Pharmacare or Separate Program? FORMAT: Panel Debate with Discussion Point: Drugs for Rare Diseases or other “targeted” small patient populations should be assessed using the same processes and “cost-effectiveness” thresholds as drugs for more common conditions. Moreover, small and short clinical trials mean many of these drugs are approved with limited evidence of safety and effectiveness; access should be restricted

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  • Sep23
    2018 Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk

      Last September (2017), Bladder Cancer Canada hosted the 9th Annual Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk. The walk took place in 19 communities across Canada, and was a great success! Together we raised just over $600,000. This is quite an accomplishment! We are sincerely grateful to all volunteers, walk participants and donors who help us to continue to fund our mission. Please join us this

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  • Liver Cancer Survivors Physical Activity Survey

    Researchers from the University of Toronto are conducting an online study on the exercise programming preferences of adult liver cancer survivors. The online survey takes 45-60 minutes to complete. You must be 18 or older to participate. The goal of this research is to understand how we can best design physical activity programs to support liver cancer survivors. Questions? Contact 416-946-3624 or email Dr. Linda Trinh at linda.trinh@utoronto.eduParticipate Now

  • National Pharmacare Online Consultation

    The Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare (the Council) is leading a national consultation on how to implement affordable national pharmacare for Canadians and their families, employers and governments. They invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on what a national drug plan could look like.Participate Now

  • Take the All.Can Cancer Patient Survey!

    You CAN help to shape the future of cancer care! Take this short patient survey to help us gather insights on where gaps and waste occur, and how cancer care could be improved.Participate Now

  • Share Your Thoughts: Help KCA Uncover Unmet Needs In Kidney Cancer/RCC

    The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) would like to learn more about your experience after undergoing surgery for kidney cancer/renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in order to uncover unmet needs in education, resources and treatment.

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  • Building A Voice for Primary Liver Cancer Patients & Caregivers in Canada

    Has liver cancer affected you or someone you know? The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is looking for patients, caregivers, families, clinicians and others affected by hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of primary liver cancer.Participate Now

  • ON & QC Volunteers Needed for Study on Self-Care After Cancer

    A McGill University-Princess Margaret Cancer Centre research team is offering free self-care tools (relaxation/mindfulness CDs/MP3s & cognitive behavioral therapy skills-enhancing workbooks) as well as telephone coaching to eligible persons aged 18 and over in a study funded by the Canadian Cancer Society.Participate Now

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Cancer Journey Stories

Memo for Pink Charities: Men Get This Disease Too – Rod Ritchie

Sitting in my doctor’s waiting room for a visit to find out the reasons for a breast lump, I recall that 50 years earlier, my mother had breast cancer. As a guy, the last thing on my mind was breast cancer. I was relieved when on this visit (and a subsequent visit), I was assured that all was well. A month later, with an obviously

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Cancer as good news: the ultimate oxymoron – Andy Bertrand

This is a tale of a lengthy medical journey full of surprises. **Disclaimer: images of a tumour are shown below. It was May 11, 2016, the day before my birthday. I was explaining to my family doctor about this pain radiating along my lower abdominal area. Since I already had an existing umbilical hernia, I reasoned that that was the cause. My doctor claimed that

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Hundreds of cancer patients in Canada did not receive the full dose of three highly concentrated intravenous medications because of problems with the way they were administered. However, at least two provinces disagree on whether the patients need to be told. See the full article below:

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